The R.H. Eggert Company was created to be the remodeling division of The Merriman Construction Company started by Arthur G. Merriman and Robert H. Eggert in 1960. Through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Art Merriman concentrated on development work and sub-division construction while Bob Eggert concentrated on remodeling and off-site custom home building. Both companies generally focused on work in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland and both enjoyed great success.

In the late 80’s Art and Bob decided to part their ways and pursue other interests. Late in 1988, Bob was faced with the decision to either dissolve the R.H. Eggert Company or pass on his knowledge and years of goodwill to a suitable protégé. I was fortunate enough to be the benefactor of Bob’s decision to pass on his knowledge and goodwill.

In the spring of 1989 the Eggert Construction Company was created with Bob Eggert as owner and me, Mike Ranney, as his successor. In 1990, ownership of the company was transferred from Bob to me and I started to take over the day to day operations of the business. Bob and I continued to work together until the fall of 1994 when Bob suddenly passed away at age 64; six months shy of his official retirement.

The company operated as R.H. Eggert from 1960 to 1989 and Eggert from 1989 to present with me being the sole operator for the past eighteen years. We generally concentrate on upscale remodeling in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland.

Mike Ranney Family of Cleveland


My goal as owner of Eggert Construction is to create and maintain long term relationships with my customers. This can only be done by delivering consistent high quality work performed by skilled, honest and considerate employees and subtrades. In some cases our customer relationships go as far back as three generations.

Subtrade and supplier loyalty has also proven to be a benefit over the years. The more familiar the plumber, electrician or hvac contractor is with your home, the more efficient they are when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Supplier loyalty has also been found to be advantageous with warranty support, question free product replacement as well as product input as to quality and track record. Long term relationships with suppliers and subtrades results in good continuity from project to project.

Eggert Construction is not necessarily the least expensive remodeling contractor in town, however, we truly believe we deliver the highest ratio of expense to profit, resulting in more of the expense going into the quality of your project than into our pockets. Our financial philosophy is to make a modest but honest profit on each and every job, providing us stability and insuring we will be there tomorrow and years to come when you need us.


Eggert Construction offers our customers a full range of services starting with home maintenance and following all the way through to new home construction.

Outside the home, Eggert Construction has vast experience in site work including;

  • driveway and sidewalk installation and maintenance
  • storm water and run-off management
  • erosion control
  • deck and patio design and installation
  • garden structures
  • in-ground pools and spas
  • accessory buildings

Many customers use Eggert Construction as their ‘handyman’ service, bringing our fifty-plus years of experience to the simplest tasks around your home.


Over the years, we have found that starting any proposed remodeling projects with your builder rather than an architect or designer more often than not results in a project being completed on or under budget.

This is not to say that the designers and architects don’t offer valuable input, only that projects that originate from the customer’s wish list coupled with a builder’s experience and understanding of construction costs more often hit the desired financial target than a grandiose project designed by a third party.

We look forward to serving the Cleveland area for many years to come.

Warm regards,

Mike Ranney
President & General Contractor
Eggert Construction Company, Est. 1989


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