"We have used the services of Eggert Construction for about 35 years, Obviously, we would not continue to have projects done by them unless we have been extremely pleased. Their work is professional in every way."

Gail and Elliott Schlang


"...[] we have been clients of Eggert Construction ever since 'Boo' [Bob Eggert], himself, was in action and we are very satisfied. We are also satisfied and pleased with the addition you put on our house a couple of years ago."

Bill Carpenter


"I strongly recommend the services of Eggert Construction, based upon my experience when our attached garage suffered significant structural dmage. What initially appeared to be relatively minor turned out to be anything but that. Eggert's crew worked efficiently to make the necessary repair, including utilizing improved materials and construction methods. The workmanship was first class and the price was fair."

Pitt A. Curtiss, Pepper Pike


"Eggert Construction Company and Mike Ranney, our friendship dates back 34 years! Mike and his [crew] of craftsmen have done work in many of my personal residences over the years, with a very high degree of quality. Mike's team recently responded very quickly to one of our Funeral Home Locations and had to do an emergency structural repair. A car had hit one of the funeral homes and it needed to be fixed and was done within two days. I highly recommend Eggert Construction Company and Mike Ranney."

Regards, J. Mark Busch


We met Mike Ranney through work with Bob Eggert who founded Eggert Construction. From our first meeting in 1989, we enjoyed working with Mike as he has helped us achieve our dreams of improving the two houses we have lived in. In the process of retiring, Bob turned a significant renovation and addition project over to Mike who handled it seamlessly. The project was the largest we had taken on in our century farmhouse and required blending the old with the new while maintaining the integrity of the historic part of the house. This project presented numerous challenges related to the settling of the old house, expanding the foundation of a newer addition and extending the second story towards the back of the house over a breezeway and garage. Throughout the project, Mike skillfully scheduled tradesmen so that the work progressed in a timely manner. He oversaw everyone from those who dug and poured the foundation to the framers, plumber, electrician, finish carpenters, and painters. While construction projects can feel overwhelming to a homeowner, Mike maintains a calm and reassuring presence which is supported by the craftsmen who work for him. They all share a confidence that any project can be handled effectively and enjoy the process of helping the homeowner achieve the anticipated results: a practical and imaginative use of space with a solid foundation and outstanding finish work.

After moving to a larger house for our growing family, we continued to rely on Mike’s expertise not only for large renovation and addition projects but also for the ongoing maintenance of the house. We chose to replace an out-of-date furnace with a more efficient mode of heating the house based on his recommendation. He has guided us through recommendations to repair gutters and a poorly functioning septic system. He has also guided us through modest projects such as the construction of built in bookshelves and storage in a bedroom and then, because of the great success of that project, in the living room. In addition, as we have grown with our house and our needs have changed, Mike has guided, shaped, and managed the transformation of major spaces. He and his carpenters turned our walk-up, unfinished attic into a finished office space and our outdated kitchen into a warm, inviting updated kitchen. For that project, the men gutted the room and rebuilt it from the studs. The result was astounding from new, solid wood (red birch) cabinets to new appliances.

Ultimately what makes any partnership work well is the blending of ideas leading to a better result than either individual could create alone. Working with Mike is like that. For any project, he asks practical questions that help shape the plans. Sometimes, he asks such profound questions that the answers have led us not to pursue a project which has turned out to be a wise decision. However, when we do choose to go forward, we have every confidence that the results will be just what we needed but better than we imagined at the planning stage. The most transformative work he has done for us is the construction of a sugar house. My husband designed it on paper, but Mike’s architect refined the design and his men built it. Having never taken on such a project, Mike asked all the necessary questions about the site including which trees we wanted to save and how to design a drainage system that would preserve the existing trees and how we would use the space in terms of creating and cleaning up the production of making maple syrup. What had been a small time operation in the kitchen and garage, now is more manageable and authentic in a devoted space every February and March. When the sugar house is not dedicated to boiling sap, it can be used for gardening and storage, but every early spring, we delight in spending weekend and evening hours watching the sap turn into maple syrup.

We recommend Mike Ranney and his craftsmen for any project, however small or large, as well as for ongoing maintenance. He will guide you through any challenge with expertise and you will enjoy the assurance of knowing that the results will please you for years to come.

Hope & Steve Murphy, Chagrin Falls, OH



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