While general construction framing techniques have remained the same for centuries, the materials we use are ever-changing. We’ve always prided ourselves in performing our construction work the ‘good old fashioned way,’ but we now find ourselves having to use environmentally sustainable materials in an effort to be ‘green’, current and cost effective.

For potential new customers, this website is a place to learn about Eggert Construction, our strategy and to view some of our past accomplishments. For existing customers, we'll be publishing a periodic (quarterly) newsletter that will endeavor to answer questions you may have regarding new building materials as well as outline recommended maintenance procedures for your home, both inside and out.

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Feel free to ask questions specific to your home or, if you want to go ‘old-school,’ call me on the phone.

I look forward to applying a life time of building experience to improve the efficiency of your home or manifest the home or addition of your dreams. Let's dream together! (216) 662.5588

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